Smile! God Loves YOU!

Jesus is on the .Net!


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Jesus is on the .Net!  Jesus Loves You!  There IS LOVE in the World!

Jesus Loves YOU!  (and we're trying!)

Welcome to the wedding feast of the Lamb!

God is Alive, and He really DOES LOVE YOU!
I used to live a "good life"- never doing a bunch of "bad things" and trying to "be good" and "believe in God," and I thought I would be alright when I died. Maybe this sounds like you.
Well, I have created this site to share with the world
Through many things, God finally showed me that He has been watching over me always,
and that He has a plan for my life- as He does for yours- and that to begin walking with Him and have true
PEACE and LOVE and JOY in my heart,
~~ and go to Heaven ~~
I had to accept the FREE GIFT of HIS SON- Jesus!
Well, I laid on the floor at three in the morning one night, and my life changed forever!
Hallelujah! My life will never be the same!
Have you ever heard the term "Born Again?"
Well, I am here to tell you- that phrase didn't just come out of nowhere!
When I asked Jesus to forgive me (for not serving God and living my life for myself),
A new man was born.
I was filled with a sweetness and newness and LOVE that I had never known existed-
that no one can ever know until they finally reach out to their Father who created them-
God has opened up to me a whole new world, and I want to see that for YOU!
You did not find this page by accident.
God is watching you RIGHT NOW, and
Let Him Guide you through this web site, and feel free to contact me if you would like to- for any reason.
There is love here. I have been working hard in hopes that you will feel how much
and ask Him into your heart, as well.
If you have several distractions around you, please try to quiet them if you can-
settle down let Him tell you some things He has been trying to tell you for awhile...


"Neither doctrinal purity nor diligent labor will ever be a substitute for passionate devotion to God."

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