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My Father in Heaven hath saved me             and set my feet on the Way...             with Him alone I am free             and more hope comes each day                      I love the ones in need...             all those who feel Life's pain             and so I sow this seed            and reap eternal gain                       this World will soon be gone             and all that with it is...             I'll breathe no more before too long...             But always shall be His.                       The true desire of my soul             is to share His love with you...             only He can make you whole             He alone can see you through                       SO...             please       forget this man you see...             but-       be not deaf to this...                         TRUE PEACE and LOVE and LIFE shall be...                    Forever unto His.................... 


- Micha Petty (thejesusfreak)

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"Neither doctrinal purity nor diligent labor will ever be a substitute for passionate devotion to God."

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